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What courses are available?

  • Only attend open days of colleges that host courses you are interested in.
  • Think about what you want to do, is Third Level Education for you? Are you more interested in apprenticeships etc.?

Eligible for the available courses?

  • Find out what the entry requirements are, do you need to prepare a portfolio or attend an entry exam?

Realistic commute?

  • If you don’t plan on moving out of home for college, think about what is realistic for you in terms of commuting.
  • Look at public transport options and work out how long it will take you to get in and out of college every day.

Affordable accommodation available?

  • Money can be a big factor when looking at college options, find out how much local student accommodation costs.
  • Sit down with your parents and find out if you are eligible for the SUSI Grant? Take these factors into consideration and work out what you can/can’t afford in terms of college accommodation.

Campus a good fit?

  • Is the campus a good fit for you? Identify if you would prefer to attend a small and community orientated college or perhaps you would enjoy the hustle and bustle or a larger campus with a diverse range societies.
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