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Student Accommodation

The Union of Students in Ireland is fully engaged in the societal effort required to tackle COVID-19.

Our officers and staff continue to work remotely in the interests of all students.  This section of the USI website is here to offer advice to students, updates on developments and information on the work our people are engaged in, in support of the mission.

Essential Advice for your health

Students can find the most up to date advice on avoiding contracting COVID-19 and avoiding passing it on to others at the HSE Website.

If you are living and studying in Ireland, this should be your main source of advice for health advice.  USI advises only relying on this advice at all times.

Government Plan

The Government of Ireland’s plan to tackle COVID-19

27 April 2020: Government announces supports from telecoms companies

In Northern Ireland

If you’re studying and living in Northern Ireland, the source of advice is the Northern Ireland Public Health Agency.

Studying Overseas

You should heed the advice of the institution you are studying at, but you should also pay attention to the Department for Foreign Affairs website, and the website of the Irish Embassy in the country you are studying at.


Essential Advice for your studies

USI knows this is a confusing and worrying time for students.  This page will act as a clearing house for information on national guidance issued by our partners and national agencies.

USI News

Official Advisory from the Government of Ireland